Make Your Own Subliminal Messages Mp3 /Cds


Mp3- $29.99


Personalize your subliminal!

Completely design your own subliminal recording! If any subliminal product offered on the internet fails to fit your needs, the best alternative is to create one.  Use your own words, your own name -and even your own music- if you want that. If you do want to use your own music, please contact us in advance and send the file using any free program that handles large files. If you want to use your own voice recording, that is possible as well. As with the music, just send us the recording before ordering. We will send you to a payment page after we receive the recordings and/or the script. If you like our music choices, simply complete the form below - and you are done!

bulletpointChoose a title (name your subliminal how you wish)

bulletpointWrite the script- with us you are not limited at few words you can make your own script

bulletpointSelect the background –or select silent subliminal. When you are done submit to us your words. After submitting your words, you will be redirected to a payment page where again you have to choose the type of background you want- Please be sure it matches.  You will receive a copy of your words after submission. Be careful to insert your e-mail address you are using at checkout.

Please remember

You can not make subliminal for resale- and you can not use your custom subliminal for manipulating or harm other people. We reserve the right to reject your request and refund your money. Your custom subliminal will be deleted from our server after 30 days; also your words will be deleted from our inbox after 30 days. Please keep a copy of the e-mail with your words.

Your custom subliminal will never be made available to anyone else or published in any way. We respect your privacy.


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