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Extrasensory perception or ESP

This section is for people who enjoy paranormal phenomena and psychic realms that are not satisfactorily explained or acknowledged by mainstream entities. The human subconscious fits in well with these subjects of interest. By its mysterious, incredible nature, the mind may be capable of things we still cannot explain with ‘proven’ science. However, you do not have to look very far to find a wealth of unexplained happenings that fall neatly into this category. The following Sprudio Subliminal CDs are available with free shipping when you buy direct, here and now!

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Aura Viewing CD

Aura Viewing Subliminal CDAffirmations :I can see the human aura. I can see auras in any being. I can feel an aura. I am allowing myself to perceive the aura. I am sensitive to energy fields. I am receptive to auras. I have the power to see people’s auras. My mind is receptive to the universe. I receive energy from the universe. I can see the colors of auras. I understand auras. I am in equilibrium with the universe. I practice seeing auras. I like to read about auras and chakras. I always look for aura viewing opportunities. I can see my own aura in a mirror. I am learning to read auras. It is exciting to see the aura. I am always developing my aura seeing and reading skills.


Dreaming Vivid Colors Subliminal Audio CD

Dreaming Vivid Colors Subliminal Audio CD Affirmations :I am becoming more creative and flexible. I like to observe and remember colors. New colors. I see reds, feeling like energy. I see gold as accomplishment. I like blue and brown, and violet and orange. I will remember dreaming in vivid colors. Dreams have rich, glowing, bright colors. Ideas are like beautiful fireworks in my dreams. My new dreams are colorful and vivid. I can observe my dreams in a detached way. I can continue to dream even when I discover that I am dreaming. My new dreams are very colorful. Yellow, green, red, blue, dream like a rainbow. I notice color everywhere more and more. I dream in vivid colors and I notice the rich texture.


Develop Clairvoyance CD

Develop Clairvoyance CDAffirmations :I receive energy from the universe. My consciousness is universe’s energy. The Universe gives me unlimited energy. I expand my understanding of the universe. I use my energy to grow and flourish. I expand my energy and gain control over unknown. I consciously utilize energy. I can see facts with the power of my mind. It is within my power to channel subjects. My mind is powerful. I am able to perceive and understand objects and events. I have the gift of clairvoyance. I have the ability to see future and past events. My Mind is my vision. I am psychic, I am clairvoyant. I use my power for good purposes. I am connected to the universe. Our universe is connected with me. I always interpret clues and I am observant.


Develop Precognition (Perceive the Future) CD

Develop Precognition (Perceive the Future) CDAffirmations :I have the power of precognition. My mind perceives future events. I listen to my inner feelings objectively. I practice predicting outcomes and events every day. I have a very strong perception for future events. I have the gift of seeing the future. I feel events. I pay attention to my dreams. My mind is powerful. I perceive the future because I understand cause and effect. I let my mind absorb information. I trust my instincts. I look for opportunities to predict small outcomes. I watch for connections. I study my own thinking and I examine my decisions. I can see events before they happen. I am observant and I have precognitive dreams. I understand my dreams. My unconscious is open to seeing. I am fascinated by my inner dialog and its intelligence. I feel more and more connected inside every time I play this recording. My skill in predicting is always working, always growing. I pay attention to all my predictions.

Develop Telepathy Skills / Mind Reading CD

Develop Telepathy Skills  Mind Reading CDAffirmations : I always look for clues and signs from people. I am more and more in tune with subtle signals that people give off. My mind is focused on the subconscious of others. The more I pay attention to the thoughts of others, the more I am correct about their thinking. I am connected with people. I am alert and observant. I see signs of inner thoughts. I always collect information about people’s thoughts. I use my telepathic characteristics for good things. I can help people by thinking along with them and guiding their attention. I care deeply about repairing problems that are related to thought processes. I can see differently because I focus on subtle signs. I have a gift of seeing into the minds of others.

Lucid Dreaming CD

Lucid Dreaming CDAffirmations :I am on a mission to become a lucid dreamer. I understand the process of lucid dreaming. I will become conscious during my dreams. I have a habit of checking to see if I am awake many times during the day. Am I awake, or am I dreaming? Sometimes I realize that I am indeed dreaming. I can control my dream. Am I awake? I always look at my hands to see if I am awake. I look at clocks. I ask myself often, am I awake? And I read about lucid dreaming and techniques to experience lucid dreams. I will keep focusing on lucid dreaming. I am always safe in my dreams. Am I awake right now? My dreams are realistic and vivid. I am aware that I am dreaming and I can do anything I choose in my dreams.

Psychic Development CD

Psychic Development CDAffirmations : My psychic abilities are becoming stronger. I perceive auras. I can project my body astrally. I can perceive future events. I can see past events. I interpret strange events. I can see my future. I am channeling energy from the universe. I have a healing energy gift. I can heal and be healed. I have the ability to locate objects or people. My energy field protects me like a shield. I develop psychic abilities. I improve my psychic abilities every time I play this recording. I study and learn about psychic methodologies. I am blessed with a gift of a psychic nature and I can focus psychically from within.


Remote Viewing CD

Remote Viewing CDAffirmations :I am capable of remote viewing. Any time I want I can remotely view past or present places. I can see an object hidden from me. I can discover and see things that are not in my eye view. My mind is my eyes. I can concentrate and see things far away from my sight. I always find my targets through remote viewing. I find easily objects and people through remote viewing. I am a very open person. Remote viewing is easy for me. My mind allows me to see remotely beyond of time and space. While remote viewing I can smell, feel or hear the surroundings. I can find anything that is lost or unknown through remote viewing. My mind is powerful. I am able to perceive and understand objects and events. I have the gift, power and ability of remote viewing.

Telepathic Psychic Protection CD

Telepathic Psychic Protection / Block Negative Psychic Influences CDAffirmations :I have the power to eliminate evil. I am protected by a high energy. I am aware of bad people. I have the power to read people’s minds. I have the power to see bad auras. I am protected. My mind builds a shield against unwanted telepathic thoughts. I cleanse my mind of negative influences. I have the power to heal my life. I always have the power of my mind. Evil thoughts are blocked. I am invincible to evil. I have a powerful shield of energy. I am protected. I am in power. I let only positive hypnotic thoughts access my mind. My mind is in control of my thoughts. I have an incredible resistance to telepathic attacks and manipulation. I reject manipulation instantly. I easily identify the friendly. I become more powerful every time I play this recording.

We invite you to browse through our library and choose the best subliminal CD for you. If you'd like something unique, tailored for your own specific needs, we have a custom subliminal offer. You write your own words, with positive affirmations using first person, and we will mix and record for you in a few hours. You can choose ocean, music or silent background. Silent subliminal doesn't mean silent, per se, but is the original subliminal recording, created using alpha waves, and can be used anytime, anywhere. And the price is GREAT!

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