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How do I know subliminal really works?
Because after a while you will notice such a huge difference in yourself and your happier frame of mind, that there will be no doubt in your mind that you made a good choice going subliminal with Sprudio Audio! We get a charge out of helping people and hearing back that our product is revolutionary for them; most of all, we're impressed with people who take charge of their own destiny and work to create it the positive way! Skeptics always try, and succeed to a certain point, to ruin any positive force that can help others rise to new heights of success. If subliminal messages do not work, why is this a 50 million dollar a year industry? Was marketing that good? Why is subliminal advertising prohibited in shopping centers? Why? Because it does work. The subconscious mind is the boss. If we can train it, by whatever means, we are way ahead of the pack- remember, most people will struggle with self-control their whole lives! Thanks for patronizing our virtual environment; we're adding new music samples often these days, so bookmark us and check back when you have time to check out some new samples and content!
What is subliminal?
A subliminal message is a verbal statement, image or signal embedded in another medium (music, video, or nature sound), designed to bypass the normal limits of the human mind's perception .Subliminal mean - bellow the limit of perception. Consciously you can't hear, or see but unconsciously you register the information’s.
It is subliminal dangerous?
Subliminal is not dangerous you can not be brainwashed against your will- changes can take place only if a person wishes to accept change. For example, this is not a magic pill for weight loss or to quit smoking. You also need to exercise your will power and accept your changes . If you are not determined, no one can force you to change your behavior.
What is Silent Subliminal
The name silent subliminal doesn't mean silence literally but means subliminal without background, music, ocean nature sound etc.
The frequency for silent subliminal is slightly changed on a higher level in order for the subliminal to be recorded.
Because subliminal doesn't’t require attention or a hypnotic state you can play silent subliminal while using your own music, watching TV or listen to radio.
What sound and frequency that make you brain wave into "trance" state are you using?
The sound frequencies that stimulate brain waves making the brain more susceptible to subliminal suggestions.
(Alpha or relaxed alert state). Example freq a 80 freq b 83 for a meditative state.1 to 3 Hz (Delta or sleep state) Delta waves will help slow down mental activity and heighten receptivity to the subliminal messages.
3 to 6 Hz (Theta or deep meditative state) Deeply Relaxed, Dreaming Generally associated with right-brain thinking activity - euphoric state
6 to 12Hz (Alpha or relaxed alert state) Relaxed, Daydreaming Generally associated with right-brain thinking activity.
Do I need headphones?
NO! You can use our subliminal without headphones. Sprudio created a revolutionary subliminal no headphone required.
What's the difference between subliminal and hypnosis audio?
The short answer to this is that subliminal audio messages are hidden and can be more easily used than hypnosis (by merely playing the discs). Hypnosis -which is in this case always self-hypnosis- requires a conscious effort by the user to follow verbal instructions contained in the recording. Both types are intended to bring the user into a suggestible state of mind so that the specific content will be most effective.
Can self help take the place of my doctor? I would really like to fire him.
Are you serious? While many doctors would be hard-pressed to cure chapped lips, and others just want your money, listening to a CD could hardly mend broken bones or serious health issues such as real diseases! No! Change doctors if you like, but we cannot claim to replace medical professionals.
Does subliminal really work?
Yes it works, but you must want to improve and dedicate real effort to the task. Subliminal and hypnosis self-help audio are tools that really help individuals define and achieve their goals! Additionally, taking positive action to (for instance) quit a bad habit or behavior, beat a fear or phobia, or become financially successful can only serve to improve your life. The music and effects we use are very effective in helping people change beliefs: Here is a great article from the folks at Self-Growth.com to help you understand more about how this is possible. There is probably a placebo type of effect involved because of this fact as well as real results from actual subliminal content. Some folks argue that subliminal messages are fallacies and do nothing, but we have tons of evidence to the contrary in the form of repeat customers!
How many times do I need to listen to a CD to start getting results?
This depends of course on the individual, his or her commitment to improvement and the strength of the targeted habit, fear or behavior. You could see results in a few days, but more likely it takes anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month, or more. The key is to not give up.
If ultra-silent subliminal audio is not audible at all, how do I know anything is there? Same question for regular subliminal tracks- thanks.
It takes special software or audio analysis equipment to reveal the signal that is located at the inaudible frequency range. The waveform is there, in our product at least- we know because we put it there. If anyone doubts the existence of the silent track, they are of course welcome to take the CD to a professional audio specialist to get an oscilloscope or spectrograph shot of its content.
How do you create subliminal CDs?
We are using latest technology in sound , our software are using brainwave technology to direct the sound to your subconscious while bypassing the conscious.. Creating a subliminal it is not so easy as many will think that is. After recording the affirmations we are using mixing software and oscilloscope to change the frequency. We clean the files for unwanted noise, and then after editing the file we save them in a . wav format for burning CD or MP3 format with less compression for downloads.
Can I have a choice of music types with each title? Subliminal CDs I had in the past were really boring and hard to keep listening to.
The music we mix with each title is chosen from our impressive collection with care and you can't really choose because we don't have enough time for that. However, what you might consider is a totally silent CD to play along with your own choice of music, TV or anything you want. For custom subliminal we offer a wide range of music for which we've paid royalties.
What are NLP and brainwave generators?
Nero-linguistic programming (NLP) is a personal development system defined by one of its developers, John Grinder, as "the study of excellence and how to reproduce it." NLP is based upon the theory that people generally possess the necessary resources for success within themselves (Wikipedia article). It is a controversial system that has evidently been used, abused, criticized, altered and generally put through the scientific wringer since its inception in the 1970's. In our case, NLP is merely used for positive-reinforcing verbal content in our audio. We chose it because of personal preference as the best personal therapy communication tool out there. Please read the "Concepts and Methods" section (2) of the Wikipedia article cited and linked above! Note- we also create subliminal language content with the following theory in mind: The subconscious is known to ignore modifiers (especially negative ones) when presented with an idea. It hears the subject and focuses according to its own rules. So for example, a golfer is consciously afraid of a water hazard. He or she is thinking "Don't hit the ball into the lake." Or in basketball: "Don't miss!" The subconscious naturally hears "lake" or "miss." These thoughts usually result in penalty strokes and airballs. The conscious is interfering with performance by focusing upon underlying fears. With this in mind we avoid negative words in all of our subliminal scripting, including habit improvement, fears & phobias, and help for addictions. This concept has also proven to be very powerful in our success & wealth category, naturally. In short, our goal is to reduce negative thinking from the brain (conscious and unconscious) itself.
What is BrainWave Generator?
Brainwave generator is the name given to the tool we use to attempt brainwave synchronization, or entrainment, using "binaural beats" to achieve desired states of consciousness and receptiveness in our users. You can also achieve these states, for instance, by meditating, chanting, staring at a fire, etc. By producing a receptive state of mind, we can help you succeed in your chosen positive transformational self-help project. Think at brainwave synchronization is a guided missile going to your target - the subconscious mind without harming or modifying your conscious.
Is there anything in the subliminal messages that I should worry about, or any advertising?
Don't be afraid! We do promote our products, but not subliminally. You will never do anything against your will that is a fact.
Are your products guaranteed to work?
I think you already asked. That depends on what you mean by "work." Our CDs will not magically change you by themselves or instantly delete a deeply rooted phobia. They are, however, guaranteed against flaws, breakage and failure to play. This does not mean that you can hurl your CD into a wall and then eMail us that it is broken. If for some reason the disc won't play, contact us. Every CD is meticulously checked for scratches and smudges prior to shipment. If it arrives cracked or damaged by the "OOPS" people, contact us. Our products will play correctly (in any reasonably modern machine), contain what we say they contain, and they will help you.
Do you ship to other countries or just the USA? I had trouble with your shopping cart.
Yes, we ship to customers all over the world. If you have trouble, contact us either through our
e-mail link we have provided. Unfortunately, we cannot cover all shipping and handling charges for international orders .We'll keep it very reasonable, though.
I really don't want my particular issues made public- is there a way to maintain some privacy with regard to the actual labels on discs, cases or download file names?
Excellent question! Of course we can provide creative labels on any product, since we assemble each product with the individual in mind; simply send us an e-mail, you'll see the link on the order page- just request discreet labelling and we'll surely get the message. This is not uncommon. We protect our clients' information; we never send 'spam' or sell email addresses to mailing list predators (MLP) either. In the case of downloaded filenames, most would be unrecognizable anyway but you can always rename the file to "learning_astronomy_subliminally.mp3" or anything else, once you own it! Delete the original email or alter it if you share your computer with someone who might not understand. See, we are here to help. Actually, we can make the CD label say anything you want, and with any photo- because, again, every product is custom-made. Don't be afraid!
The Add to Cart button seems to work fine, but then after I click Continue Shopping and then View Cart, it says my cart is empty. It won't retain the item.Is your cart fault?
That will only happen if you don't have cookies enabled.
Please make sure that cookies and JavaScript in your browser are enabled (they are enabled by default). Also be aware our Mp3s are not in the same cart as the Cds. This has been done to avoid confusions.
Can I upload the mp3s on ipod?

Yes you can. Download the mp3 file first to your computer then upload it to your iphone or ipod. Please remember you MUST download our Mp3s to a computer- laptop, Mac or Pc. Our files are large and need big space and great internet connection. After saved in to your computer you can transfer the Mp3s anywhere you would like.

Can i burn the MP3s on a CD?
Yes you can. If you do not have a Nero software use Itune.


If you have any questions that are not addressed here, please feel free to contact us. Maybe your question will make the next revision of this page!

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