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Shipping and Handling

For US and Canada free Shipping, for Outside of US- USPS postage calculated . Mp3 are instant digital delivery - require no shipping charges.

For Ipod users here is a Help Link

Download Help E-mail notification not received?

Sometimes when you pay with your Credit card or Pay Pal, Pay Pal doesn't send the IPN (instant Pin Notification) to our server and you will not get the instant e-mails for downloading. Well, do not get scared, we will help you. If we are online we will send to you the links right away, if we are not online, we will be. We do not let anyone wait more then 8 hours. Our customer service is real, (a real person) and we will always answer all e-mails... You do not have to worry. If the links came from us (manually handled), and not from Instant Email Notification, on the subject line will be "free download". When Pay Pal will finish processing your order, will be sending to you the link for downloads. This is a process we can not stop. We are sorry, for receiving double e-mails.

How Download Works

After you buy our product, an instant e-mail will be sent to the address you provided for shopping online.Click on the link provided by us. Save the file in your computer. The link is good for 5-9 downloads or 120 hours, whichever comes first.

Link Expired?

No problem. Write to us, we can reactivate your link. Don't worry, we are online most of the time- but sometimes even we need to sleep, too.

CDs will not be added to the same shopping cart like MP3s.

To make your life simpler we have two shopping cart- like AmazonJ
Cds – called tangible goods will be added in a different cart then Cds. You can pay with Credit Cards, Pay Pal – with Pay Pal you can use Prepaid Cards without to have an Pay Pal account or you can pay with Amazon if you already have an Amazon account.

I do not see shipping and taxes calculated.

To complete your checkout and your cart to know what shipping to charge you – complete the form and click continue. You do not need to check out if you do not like it.
Free shipping for USA.

International Shipping
1 CD $9.45 CD internationally.
1to 3 Cds $15 for Two Cds Intenrationaly.
4 or more Cds $45
Prices might change if USPS will change shipping amounts again.

Also you get discounts which might write off your shipping.

Need more information?

use the contact us form

Sorry for the inconvenience of the contact form, but spammers filled our mailbox as they are inclined to do.

Our Commitment

We do not store information, we hardly ever send out e-mails other than those related to your purchase- we rarely send new offers. These practices might be good for business, but they can be annoying for customers; we respect you.

Thank you!



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