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Subliminal Messages are Powerful Personal Development Techniques

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How can subliminal audio benefit me? ?

Subliminal messages can be a useful and effective tool. They can be used to make differences in the subconscious mind. These differences might be accidental or may happen with a definite purpose in mind. A message can be helpful if the subject desires change. These sorts of messages are a bit different from post-hypnotic suggestions. With subliminal audio you remain completely conscious, but are unable to fully comprehend what is happening.

Are subliminal messages in self-help tapes are effective

Of course they are- subliminal tapes are on the market for more than 40 years and helped individuals to lose weight, sleep learnhing, quit addiction - improve love and relationship and much more.

It is not a mistake that you clicked on our link. You are here with a purpose! You were attracted to us because you are in search of your inner self. You came to the right place to find your inner self; to shape and remodel your habits, develop your creativity or work on your personal growth.

Subliminal audio can change everything !

You have, for many years, allowed your inner self to be suppressed and have no say in what you really want. It is time to change, and for this you seek enlightenment; get rid of anxiety, depression, become wealthy and/or get rid of unhappy thoughts. With the help of our subliminal messages you can achieve a higher understanding of yourself and become a better you. Nothing can stand between you and your own success! Whatever you are seeking, you can have. Want to find your soul mate? Only you can attract the right person in your life. Our subliminal CDs will help you to see your good qualities, focus on them, and work on improving your image. Changing your life is within your power. Nobody can make you happy but yourself. We are what we allow ourselves to be.

Trusted Self Help CDs/MP3s

Sprudio and its founders are here to help. Our self improvement CDs have helped thousands of individuals to achieve success. Now it is your turn. In order to get rid of fears, phobias and addictions, become successful and have a great healthy life, you have to believe in the power of your mind. Imagine yourself well off in every way- expect it, act accordingly- and it can then happen for you.

Give our product a try, to see for yourself whether or not you feel a sort off inner dialogue taking place! Free for skeptics! We are convinced that you will be happy with the results.

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Our subliminal message CDs are made using positive affirmations- mostly in the present tense. Repeating each affirmation over and over, you will create a new thinking pattern. Since the affirmations are recorded at a frequency (below the hearing threshold), you will not consciously hear anything- but subconsciously you will understand everything. Our self improvement audio targets your subconscious and allows positive changes to take place. Skeptics may not believe in subliminal; but everything we are, everything we do comes from our experiences, which are stored in the "back of our minds" -our subconscious.

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We never engage in aggressive or annoying marketing or mass email campaigns. We do not make you become a member so we can flood your inbox with newsletters in order to target you as a customer. We let you decide if we deserve to be in your favorites list. So if you like us, don't forget to bookmark us! You might enjoy reading our blog that contains articles about positive thinking, success stories and the Law of Attraction.

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We invite you to browse through our library and choose the best Self Help CD for you. If you'd like something unique, tailored for your own specific needs, we have a custom subliminal offer. You write your own words, with positive affirmations using first person, and we will mix and record for you in a few hours. You can choose ocean, music or silent background. Silent subliminal doesn't mean silent, per se, but is the original subliminal recording, created using alpha waves, and can be used anytime, anywhere. And the price is GREAT!


Are you ready for a change?

Subliminal and hypnosis audio were originally developed as an evolved version of the self-help book; and since then, technology has improved their quality and effectiveness. Maybe our minds are evolving too, this is not to deny intelligent design but it’s hard to refute any type of evolving whatsoever. As we know, the subconscious can hear very well! Sound travels into the ear and directly into the brain – where both the conscious and unconscious deal with it in their own respective styles. We know that the subconscious in particular interprets sensory input (what it hears, in this case) and actively controls our behavior. We can therefore conclude (since we are no longer bound to outdated self-help methods) that it is productive for us to recognize and try to understand our own subconscious and how we might use this knowledge for benefit (habit improvement, performance enhancement, success via quality audio input). Wow, that was a mouthful.

Self help is so much easier these days: Thank God for evolution!

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For music subliminals we are using alpha waves, which are used to create the alert but relaxed state. Ocean waves are recorded with delta waves which are associated with relaxed state or a dream state; for this we do not recommend using ocean waves while driving or operating machinery.

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