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Persistence is a virtue shared by the successful people. You have it in you, but someties you need a toll that will open a new horizon. You can be successful if you want to be!

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Achievement Attitude CD

Achievement Attitude CDSuccessful people seem to have a certain attitude that enables them to achieve. They did not acquire this mindset after the achievements were made – they had to believe it was possible to begin with! You can develop this attitude, as well. When you see that it works, you’ll be happy to apply it to the next step, and the next and the next. Achievement is the best drug, and it is legal! Subliminal CD with NLP, brainwave generator and one silent track included

Anger Management CD

Anger Management CD This is not a movie, it’s real. If you get angry easily and often, it is not good for you. It’s not especially good for those close to you, either. Get the beast under control before you do something you will regret; get help, learn to relax, count to ten, breathe, whatever it takes. Here is another tool to use in your quest- a subliminal audio CD crafted for just this purpose. Brainwave generator, NLP and a silent track included.

Attract Positive People CD

Attract Positive People CDSmile; and, be positive yourself. Complaining is bad, ok? If being positive is not your strongest trait, to say the least, you might do well by a ‘slight’ attitude adjustment. This subliminal CD can give you that nudge toward the positive! Hopefully you’ll get hooked on being positive; after all, it does work miracles and is wildly contagious! Positive people are successful people. You can bring good vibe around you, live a life full of success, or just be happy who you really are. Most important to not get suck by negativity- that comes from hanging with wrong people. Positive people can uplift your morale and they can be your source of happiness. Try our subliminal and start changing your outlook on life.



Be Sexy and Feel Confident CD

Be Sexy and Feel Confident CDIf you feel un-sexy, chances are you have confidence issues as well. Remember, everyone looks good when they smile and feel good inside. You have seen it- some people don’t care a bit that they are not right off the cover of a glamour magazine. They are comfortable with themselves, and you can be too! This subliminal CD can help you gain the confidence, self-respect and sexiness that you desire. Multiple positive messages delivered directly into the subconscious mind via NLP and brainwave generator. Silent track included.

Better Driving - Stop Speeding CD

Better Driving - Stop Speeding CDAre you the proverbial accident on its way to happen? Chronically late? Road rage? Relax. Hang up the phone. Enjoy the drive, pay attention and stop being in such a rush. What can you save by all the stress, a few minutes, maybe? Try this subliminal CD for help – ultra-silent and NLP technologies, brainwave generator.

Try our subliminal, it might not change you totally but might put a brake to your speed.


Better Parent -Parenting Skills CD

Better Parent -Parenting Skills CDI know you are a good parent, but may be you have doubts. Boost your self confidence, or adjust yourself to understand and accept your kids. Persistence is a virtue shared by the successful: you will not achieve your goals by giving up, obviously. Maybe an adustment is in order, or even a total plan re-write. Keep in mind that failures are to be learned from and ultimate success is not only possible, but inevitable if you do not quit. With this philosophy firmly planted in your subconscious mind, the conscious will follow and you can live by it. You will succeed. Subliminal CD uses NLP, brainwave generator and one final ultra-silent track.


Boost Your Confidence CD

Boost Your Confidence CDTake back control of your feelings. Boost your confidence and become successful. Boost your self confidence to interact and socialize. Eliminate shyness. Try this subliminal CD for help – ultra-silent and NLP technologies, brainwave generator. Confidence is very important in life to achieve success. Sample Affirmations : I believe in myself. I believe in my abilities. I radiate confidence. I smile easily. I make eye contact when I speak to someone. I trust my intuition. I like myself. I am happy. I have infinite self confidence. I believe in my self. I am in control of my future. I trust myself ability to make good judgements. I work towards improving my life. I express my feelings calmly and easily. I am more confident every day. I respect myself and others. I achieve my goals easily. I make friends easily. I like people and people like me. I have a positive outlook on life. I believe in myself. I face my fears and conquer them. I learn from my mistakes. I am successful. I can do anything I want. I look forward to social situations. I wake up ready to take on the day.

Control Your Obsession

Boost Your Confidence CDTake back control of your feelings. Eliminate your unhealthy obsessions.. Try this subliminal CD for help – ultra-silent and NLP technologies, brainwave generator. Confidence is very important in life to achieve success. Sample Affirmations :I am confident, relaxed and safe. I am relaxed and confident.I am ready to move on and feel good about myself. Only good things are in my life. I am free of worry. I care about myself. I am getting better at putting things into their proper perspective and importance. I can see the big picture. I feel good being more and more in control. I am happy to be free from my previous obsession. It feels great to be free. I am now in reasonable control of my emotions. I feel relaxed and calm on my own. I regularly step back and look at my behavior and I am confident and in control. .

Determination - Perseverance (Never Give Up) CD

Determination - Perseverance (Never Give Up)Persistence is a virtue shared by the successful: you will not achieve your goals by giving up, obviously. Maybe an adjustment is in order, or even a total plan re-write. Keep in mind that failures are to be learned from and ultimate success is not only possible, but inevitable if you do not quit. With this philosophy firmly planted in your subconscious mind, the conscious will follow and you can live by it. You will succeed. Subliminal CD uses NLP, brainwave generator and one final ultra-silent track.


Develop Music Skills CD

Develop Music Skills CDMusic Skills Mastery- Multi-Instrument Mind Program (Piano, Guitar, Drums, Sax, Trumpet, Tuba, Oboe, Flute, Violin, Cello, Trombone and More) with Brainwave Entrainment . Program your mind to DEVELOP YOUR MUSICAL ABILITIES to peak virtuoso levels. Binaural beats, ultra-silent track Sample Affirmations : I like to practice music. The more I study, the better I get at reading music. I like to read and play music. I want to learn more about my chosen path in music. I will learn continuously. I understand music easily. When I see a written note, I can play it automatically. I believe music is second nature to me. I can hear each note and see it as well. Music is fun to learn about. It is fun to get better at music. I understand music. I am the music. I am determined to become good at the instrument I am studying. I can play easily. I like to play musical instruments. I learn easily. I listen to music and understand it's complexity.

End Negative Emotions CD

End Negative Emotions CDThose dark thoughts are counter-productive to your goals, and to your happiness. How can you stop them when they are emotionally conceived?? Well, it is difficult- it requires a conscious effort to release the negative and replace it with positive! Take steps toward a healing transformation and get free from you burdens with this subliminal self-help CD. NLP, ultra-silent and brainwave generator technologies.



End Shame, Blame, and Guilt CD

End Shame, Blame, and Guilt CDEvidently you are in good company if you are suffering from these particular emotions; surprisingly, this is our single most popular title, to date! You cannot change the past, but you can move forward and live guilt-free. Help convince yourself of this fact at the subconscious level with this subliminal CD – it replaces negative thoughts and ideas with positive ones, especially when you play it often. Eventually you can feel better and know that you already endured enough self-punishment. Welcome back to humanity! NLP, brainwave generator and an ultra-silent track.

End Trust Issues: Dealing with Mistrust CD

End Trust Issues: Dealing with Mistrust CD Don’t believe anything you hear or half of what you see. Wise words in many environments. But, be careful not to carry this philosophy over into your relationship without due cause! What if your suspicion is undeserved and excessive? In this case you are hurting yourself, your partner and the relationship unfairly. Learn to let go of irrational fears with this subliminal CD that talks common sense directly to your subconscious mind. Brainwave generator, NLP and ultra-silent technology.

Energy Booster CD

Energy Booster CDGive your body a rest and re-charge those batteries. Our energy is electrical, like that of a car; if you leave the car door open, or the dome light on, the battery will drain all night from feeding the light. When you sleep better and relax properly every day, you ultimately have more available energy. This CD can help. Silent and conventional subliminal audio with brainwave generator and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).


Enjoy Housework Cleaning CD

Enjoy Housework Cleaning CDSounds insane, right? Look at it this way- you spend time doing it, so why not enjoy it? Visualize how happy you will be in a clean environment! Listen to music, plan a reward or play this subliminal CD while you work. Why not do all three? Huh? Brainwave generator, NLP and a final, silent track for use with other audio. Sample Affirmations : I love to clean. A clean house is important to me. I lose track of time when I clean. I am satisfied when I am finished. I like doing household chores. Housework is fun. I feel good using cleaning tools. I visualize a clean house. Cleaning is easy. I enjoy doing housework. It feels great to get my work done. I feel a sense of accomplishment. I feel so good in my clean house. Cleaning makes me feel important..

Forgive Yourself & Others CD

Forgive Yourself & Others CDIt is not productive to walk around with bitterness or guilt. In fact it is hurting you. Help yourself and others around you by starting the process of letting go of past mistakes, old grudges and hard feelings. You can be free of these burdens, so now is the time to refuse them and become the master of your own, happier and healthier destiny. Subliminal CD uses NLP, brainwave generator and one final ultra-silent track. Sample Affirmations : I understand about the past. I can keep the past as unemotional memories now. I can only go forward with confidence. I am forgiving others and myself for a fresh start. I forgive them. I forgive myself. It feels wonderful to let go of my burdens. I am happier and guilt free. I feel better every day. My promise to myself is to start over with a clean slate. And I forgive everyone. I believe in and practice positive thinking. I create positive experiences to focus on. I feel lighter and free.

Improve you Memory CD

Improve you Memory CDInstantly recall anything with your new photographic memory. Powerful suggestions help you develop a Photographic Memory. Are you struggling to remember things? This subliminal CD is the answer. We have developed a great subliminal CD. Try it! Music and nature, ocean sounds to relax and take the stress away. Great for concentration. Lightscribe technology added to give your CD studio quality. Attention!!! This Cd will not give you instant photographic memory but will improve your memory!!!

Improve Your Study Habits CD

Improve Your Study Habits CDIncrease Ease of Studying. Take Fast, Understandable Notes, Make Studying Exciting and More Fun! Do something positive to enhance your study skills, which will translate into ultimate success in your chosen field. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) Subliminal CD will help you stay focused while taking short, productive breaks from the grind. Silent track included at the end of this disc. Sample Affirmations : I am attacking my studies with a new energy. I want to know the material. I will be totally up to speed and ready for the next challenge. I am developing a new way of taking notes and remembering. All of my subjects are interesting in their own way. I understand how each skill and knowledge fits into my plan. I can pretend to like any subject very well. Then, I really do like every subject. Everything has its own interesting qualities. I can find the fun parts of anything. I compare and learn for myself.

Increase Your Attention Span CD

Increase Your Attention Span CDHuh? In these times of instant gratification, sometimes it can be difficult to remain focused long enough to get the whole message. Or maybe this is just your way. You can increase your attention span. See, you’re already doing it! Thanks for reading this far. In conclusion, keep up the good work and get this subliminal CD that can really help. NLP, brainwave generator and ultrasonic technologies. Sample Affirmations : I can match my pace with any situation. I am patient because I know the good information is coming. I am more relaxed. I like to be relaxed and calm. I feel better every day with my new way of patience and concentration. I always practice listening better. I can listen to one person or thing for a long time. I am good at waiting and good at concentrating. Patience is my new project. When I am bored I quickly focus back on the subject at hand. I see myself good at focusing. I am better and better at focusing.

Increase Your Self Esteem CD

Increase Your Self Esteem CDFind it, focus on it. Improve and increase it. Low self-esteem is a huge, limiting problem for many (you are not alone). You can improve your self-confidence by working on it. One way to accomplish this is to listen to this subliminal CD, which contains multiple positive reinforcements to get through to your subconscious mind in a permanent way. Listen often, so the NLP and brainwave generator can do the job they were developed for. Sample Affirmations : My good qualities are very good. I am unique. I am increasingly satisfied with who I am. I like myself more and more as I feel better every day. No one else can be like me. I take pleasure in taking care of myself and it shows. I am more relaxed and calm. I like my new confidence. I am developing my new self image. It feels great to like myself. I feel better every day. I see myself more and more as a confident, deserving person. I am good at many things. I am unique.

Irresistible Charm - Magnetism CD

Irresistible Charm - Magnetism CDBeing a charming person can bring success in life. Charm or Charisma is a quality that all individuals’ posses, only few know to use it. A charismatic person inspire devotion, and trust. The charm can go hand in hand with magnetism. Without it a person even charming can not attract other people around. Using subliminal cd Irresistible charm/ personal magnetism to make your life happier or successful.. A charismatic individual can be attractive sexual, can inspire confidence and get a better job, can be trusted by friends, and the list goes on. If you could do better with people, and who couldn’t, there are proven ways to improve. Attract more bees with honey than with vinegar- or, develop your own personal style. Conduct little experiments. Smile. Get this subliminal CD and don’t lose sight of your mission – play it every day! NLP, brainwave generator and ultra-silent technology.

Learn to Play Guitar CD

Learn to Play Guitar CDFor this CD we have only two choices. Ocean or Silent. Since you try to learn a musical instrument nothing should bother you. Ocean waves can be played while relaxing. Silent subliminal can be played while learning, sleeping, working, etc. Music Skills Mastery- Guitar-Instrument Mind Program The perfect Choice. Play Silent Subliminal in background while learning to play guitar. Program your mind to DEVELOP YOUR MUSICAL ABILITIES to peak virtuoso levels. Playing Guitar isn't easy. But if you practice and also use these reinforcement words in subliminal format you will be able to learn to play guitar faster or improve your skills. NLP technology, brainwave generator and one silent track included. 60-70 Min running Time


Love to Exercise CD

Love to Exercise CDIt’s boring. It hurts. It takes too much time. My dog ate my homework. No, stop using excuses and gain a new perspective on exercise! You are lucky to be able to exercise, it feels good, it is actually fun, it is healthy, good for you, and can help you live longer! As for the time it consumes, that is a poor excuse. It really does not take that much time. Reinforce these views in your mind with this subliminal CD, even while exercising! NLP technology, brainwave generator and one silent track included. Sample Affirmations : I love exercise. I feel great after exercising. I work out every day. I feel young and vibrant. Exercise increases my stamina. I wake up and stretch every morning. I have more energy. I feel better every day. My health is improved. I drink plenty of water. Exercise is good. Exercising is great for my health. I shed pounds easily. I burn calories faster. My mind is clear. My thinking process is clear. I exercise with pleasure. Exercising is fun and rewarding. I feel great. I lose track of time when I work out. I am strong. I feel stronger every day. I receive the benefits of exercise very quickly.

Make Friends - Meet People More Easily CD

Make Friends - Meet People More Easily CDTry our subliminal Cd and see how is working for you. Feedback received shows that this subliminal works. Whether you are going to work, attending a new school, moving to a new country or state, you are looking for new people to date or meet -making friends sometimes is not easy. People do not know you, or they have their circle of friends already. Social skills, like anything else, come more naturally to some people than to others. If meeting people and making friends are not your strong suits, and you wish they were, take positive steps to acquire these skills. Stay focused on them with this subliminal self-help audio CD with NLP, brainwave generator and ultra-silent technologies. Play it often to keep your goals in front!


Mind Power Seduction (Law of Attraction) CD

Mind Power Seduction (Law of Attraction) CDMind power seduction it is a well known technique. people have used it for years some times even not knowing. When you smile to get what you want from the person that stays in front of you, when you request something in a different manner. Mind power seduction will help you in business, marketing, sale, with your boss, your employers, your colleagues. Also can be used on a personal level, to meet the one you like, to have the one your like, to attract the one you want. This Cd has unlimited uses, because in fact we human are attracted one to another, professional or sexual. This subliminal program can be used on any situation. It is created for seducing another person using only the power of your mind. Use your mind power to seduce others, bring great success in to your life and change the way you feel or are.

Overcome Shyness CD

Overcome Shyness CDMaybe being shy is just your style, and it works. However, some people are not satisfied with this particular persona; they feel taken advantage of by others, could do better at work or socially, or just want to feel better about themselves. Perhaps there are fears involved. If this is you, get on the path toward confidence and assertiveness with this subliminal CD that has been created especially for you, using brainwave generators, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and ultrasonic technology.


Overcoming Jealousy CD

Overcoming Jealousy CDWe are jealous creatures by nature. We’re not talking envy here, but The Green Monster: Destructive of a trillion relationships! If you have a problem containing the beast within, you might do well to learn some relaxation, breathing and critical thinking techniques. Subliminal audio can help with this strong, hurtful emotion. Brainwave generator, neuro-linguistic programming, and ultra-silent technologies. Good Luck! Sample Affirmations : I trust my partner. It feels good to trust. I am confident, relaxed and safe. I am extremely happy with my partner. I know that I am successful in my relationship and it feels incredible. I am oblivious of the opinions of others. I feel very safe and confident. I resist all jealousy because I understand human nature better. I am relaxed. I like to trust people. I am glad for the success of others. I like people and I want everyone to be successful, including myself. Me. I can be successful and relaxed because I am confident. I am responsible and happy. I enjoy being strong, relaxed and confident. I like being with my partner with trust. When we are together I feel great and I have a huge realaxed trust that feels good. I am positive and trustful. I can relax and I look orward to being trustful, confident and successful. My life is fun. I like being alive every day with confidence and trust. I feel relaxed and confident.

Power Focus for Better Concentration CD

Power Focus for Better Concentration CDDevelop Rapid Focusing Ability with Subliminal Audio - A Handy Performance Tool! Effective in a wide array of applications, the ability to quickly focus on the task at hand is essential to high performance. Listen often and develop excellence in your chosen subject. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), music and sounds contained in this CD are engineered to train the subconscious in focus improvement. Play it often for best results! Sample Affirmations : My mind is clear and dedicated to focus. I can focus on anything as long as I want. I am relaxed but focused. I feel more confident every day. My ability to focus is growing. I can stay on subject. I like to listen. I am a better listener. I want all of the information. I understand that I can wander later. The subject at hand is essential to complete. I need every detail. My mind will focus like a laser and remain focused. I like puzzles. The more I try, the better I can focus. I am getting better with my focusing every day. Focus helps me in everything. I can rest later. I want to do puzzles and brain exercises. I can focus effectively.

Regain Your Joy-Happiness CD

Regain Your Joy / HappinessWhere did it go? How did it happen? Remember the good times? You can have them back, for these are the good old days. And if not, they can be. Subliminal audio assembled with NLP technology, brainwave generator and one ultra-silent track at the end for best results. Use often! Sample Affirmations : I am changing my outlook to see the good things around me. I am happier. I see beauty and humor every day. I can smile more and more. I appreciate positive things. I can see differently now. I am deliberately attracting positivity and appreciation. I am feeling better every day. I concentrate on improving my overall attitude. I do see the good around me. I plant seeds of happiness and then I water them with my positive thoughts. I think life is beautiful. I know the world has much beauty and goodness. I love to laugh and I am happy to greet each new day as a gift. I feel better and better. I am calm, confident and in control. Happiness makes me healthy.

Respect Your Parents CD

Respect Your Parents CD Affirmations : It feels good to make my parents happy. My parents are my best friends in the world. They care about me. I want to please my parents. I am trying my best to show respect through my actions. I am a good kid. I am growing and changing for the better. I only like good influence. I like to be like an adult and clean up after myself. I am always respectful with adults because I do respect them. I understand that everyone was young like me at one time. My parents know best, they are smart and experienced. I want to make my parents happy. My parents give good advice and I am following it. I watch good television shows only. I like to be good and then everyone is happy. My parents love me, and I love them. We are good people and we act like good people. I like making my parents smile.

Speed Reading CD

Speed Reading CD Powerful suggestions can help you develop better reading skills. Great for people that struggle with reading and learning, a handy performance tool! Effective in a wide array of applications; the ability to quickly focus and memorize the task at hand is essential to high performance. Listen often and develop excellence in reading speed and retention. We do not believe that a person can learn something without dedication and effort. Many sellers make the claim that you can learn while asleep; in our opinion, this is a stretch at best. Subliminal audio is a self improvement tool for undoing bad behavior or reinforcing desired habits. This means that you may have already experienced the good behavior but you want it to be the dominant one; you possess the qualities; permanent improvement takes place at the subconscious level, so some repetition will be necessary to override old habits and effectively change your deep thinking and your belief system. "I am learning to absorb blocks of words and phrases" is one sample affirmation from this particular title. You will enjoy reading more, so you will actually do it- and it will only get better from that point forward. Good Luck!

Waking up Early & On Time CD

Waking up Early & On Time CDBad habits die hard. But it's not only the bad habits that make us lazy in bed. The body does not get enough rest. You need help. You need this CD that will give you a restful night, and will also trigger your internal clock so you can wake up in the morning without extra effort. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Sample Affirmations : I have a good reason to get up I am getting enough sleep. My sleep is restful. I am feeling alert I can wake up easily. My internal clock works well. I will avoid lying in bed longer. I can jump easy out of bed. I feel good to be punctual. My mind is alert. I can wake up on time. I always wake up easily. I will get up when I want. I sleep less. I have energy. I have to wake up early, today is a better day. Today I will achieve my goals. It is so good to wake up in morning. My body likes to wake up early. A beautiful morning it is ahead. Life is beautiful. I feel so good in morning. I am so alret and I have a clear mind.

Watch Less TV - Time Management CD

Watch Less TV - Time Management CD

The days are slipping by – no, they are flying away at or near the speed of light! Be more selective with your choices of programming and open up some of that precious time for accomplishing your goals. In the long run, you will be much happier having missed those water-cooler sessions discussing “Survivor.” When you retire, get the DVD and have a blast; but for now, you have more important things on your plate. Subliminal audio technologies include brainwave generator and neuro-linguistic programming (there’s that word again) and an ultra-silent

Self Control and Self Discipline CD

Watch Less TV - Time Management CD

Many of us could avoid complications if we were better at these particular skills. All it takes is a commitment to them; here is a way to start or enhance this quest. Self control and discipline are very important in society today, but they also bring benefits for your life. Being without control in your day to day life can result in harsh situations. Discipline is very good for your mental health. Imagine yourself always in control of everything you do. You want to exercise, and you do it because you have self control. You can dominate and override the laziness and negative thoughts. With will power you can avoid the procrastination and with self discipline you can achieve success in everything you want.

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