Our standard subliminal CDs all contain one"silent" track at the end with no audible music or sounds whatsoever. No one will consciously hear any audio content on these tracks! You can play these silent tracks while watching a movie, driving a car, in a  crowded waiting room (to soothe the savage beasts), over dinner, while sleeping, at work (nobody will know), or virtually anywhere!

Silent Subliminal

The name Silent Subliminal doesn't mean silence in the literal or strict sense of the word but it is a name used for subliminal when there is no background applied (Music, Ocean, nature sound etc).

No sound. what good is it?

It is good when you don't have time for conventional self-help audio or don't always have the time to dedicate to hypnotic or conventional subliminal CDs. Repeat: You cannot consciously hear anything on this 'audio' CD! Review: Your subconscious can actually pick up and understand the content of this disc while other audio (like TV) is playing.

The first benefit from having a silent subliminal, is that you can not get bored of listening to the same music over and over again, and no one around you knows that you are listening to subliminal. In some cases people feel embarrassed to say that they use subliminal; for example, someone who is quitting alcohol.

In 1992 the first subliminal software was patented. From then until now technology changed and few companies adopted the new method. If you think, all subliminal messages are silent, only for pleasure we use music or ocean waves. Removing the music and ocean waves, and changing the frequency only few Khz we come with a silent subliminal. We recorded our silent subliminal a little loud to give consumer confidence that the subliminal is there and not just silence,  While playing silent subliminal try to not use high volume, will be like someone screams in to your  brain bypassing the ears.

Silent Subliminal can be heard very well by your pet. It's well known that many animals are particularly sensitive to high-frequency sounds that humans can't hear. Many commercial pets repellers based on this principle are available, most of them operating in the range of 30 to 50 kHz. This is a wrong assumption since in reality dogs and other mammals of similar size behave much differently than insects. They tend to respond best to frequencies between 15 and 25 kHz and the older ones are less susceptible to higher tones. This means that an ordinary pest repeller won't work simply because dogs can't hear it but they can hear subliminal which is between this range 15 KHz-25 KHz) as I said 16.5 kHz.

Just because your conscious can’t hear this silent subliminal doesn’t mean your subconscious can’t also. Think about us human. Our primitive instincts are still very powerful and guide our life. In order to become human we developed the conscience which guide and control most of our behaviors, but the subconscious is the one that takes care of our needs, fear, love, hunger, desire. When we sleep, our subconscious is the boss.

We do not use the same technology as the one in 1992-and we are not infringing anyone’s patent- the software we are using was paid and bought legally to create subliminal- and it comes with this technology. The word “Silent” is a general word and can not be trademarked. Subliminal should not be used for manipulation. All our subliminal are intended for personal use- by the buyer- to improve his/her own life.

Theory of the Mind

Theory Of The Mind

Theory of the Mind

There are four area of the mind.
1- The Conscious Mind- retains and remembers the events and feeling of approximately the past one and one half hours only.

2-Critical Area of Mind – Part is conscious; part is subconscious. Contains memories of approximately the past twenty four hours only. Any time a suggestion is given to a subject that is detrimental to his well-being or in total opposition to his way of thinking, he will critically reject it by abreacting.

3 Modern Memory Area of Mind- Part of the subconscious mind. Holds memory from conception to present in this life.

4. Primitive Area of Mind- part of the subconscious mind. Includes all the primitive memory that lies dormant, including genetic heritage and evolved learning and conditioning. Will react only when triggered, regressed or threatened beyond the point of reason. Examples would be a fight or flight reaction or an impulse to kill. Suggestions affecting this area result in rapid reaction without reason.

The information from a normal day’s input enters the conscious mind first, and then passes into the conscious portion of the critical area. Here they accumulate and are held. Critical area is partially conscious and partially subconscious because we have been educated and conditioned to develop an analytical sense of evolution on the conscious level.

At the same time we have learned on a subconscious level to avoid anything that is critical or threatening to us. The critical area will not analyze message units or release them into the modern memory area as long as a conscious is present, but only when sleep takes place or the consciousness is in abeyance, as in the hypnotic state, because at that time there is no conscious critical ability to hold on to them.

If too many information are accumulated in the critical area the body fatigues and start preparing the person to go in to a sleep state to vent. The brain may become disorganized, making the individual fatigue, irritable and upset. The more emotional traumas any individual has the more sleep he needs.

Considerable trauma gives rise so called depressive sleep.
Once a person goes to sleep, accumulated messages units are immediately dropped in to the subconscious mind. Here they are critically analyzed and some are allowed to go into the modern memory; others are discarded (vented) through dreams. Those that lie in modern memory eventually begin to filter into different area of primitive mode.Why so many people have behavioral problems? Our brain is not yet so developed to receive so many inputs. Television news, movies, radio we are bombarded with information and temptations.

If a person receive an overload of information, after a while become impossible to sleep or escape (shoot down the conscious) and the result will be anxiety. At this time the critical area become less critical (because is being threatened and because the consciousness is simulating sleep) and starts dropping message units without evaluating them, this create negative habits and increase the chances that the person to be easy influenced by exterior factors and temptations.

The average person stays awake at least sixteen hours, so the conscious mind has roughly sixteen hours to evaluate messages and information received, before they are allowed to go into the modern memory area. The longer it takes suggestions to reach the modern memory area, the weaker it becomes. The strength and longevity of any suggestion depends on how quickly and how often it is received in the modern memory area. The longer it stays in critical area, the more it becomes distorted and weakened. This mean that is takes long time to consciously create a suggestive pattern from the day input.

For this subliminal unlike hypnosis, passes the conscious and critical area and go directly to the modern area, making the suggestions more effective that the hypnosis suggestions.

Retrieved from the book Professional Hypnotism manual John G Kappas, Ph.D. (2001)

Late '90 the first subliminal software was patented.

*Note: Digital audio players will not display graphics during silent tracks (the signal is on a different frequency).

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* Update : Silent audio gaining in popularity among repeat customers in both CD and download formats!


  Product Features

  • Engineered to help you kick a habit or improve a skill - by targeting the subconscious mind.

    Unique blend of tailored music, natural sounds and subliminal messages to fit each title.

    Digitally mastered using a spectrogram to verify frequencies of each channel, audible or silent.



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