Positive Thinking (optimism) Subliminal CD

Positive Thinking (optimism) Subliminal CD

Subliminal CD - 60-70 minutes,

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Subliminal messages can be a powerful and effective tool to positive thinking. Positive Thinking is neccessary in any situation in life. Experts that studied Positive thinking say that positive affirmations can and will reprogram the brain. Who does not understand this principle? The problem with positiv thinking is that it is much easier said than done. Negative thoughts, forces and influences can be very strong. Some individuals tend to be negative, as well; it may be hereditary, or it could be a product of experience. It might even have been learned. “If you don’t expect much, you won’t be disappointed.” Unfortunately, if you expect little, you will rarely do better. The goal of this subliminal CD is to override negative thoughts in the subconscious mind with positive ones. See life like a "full half" and enjoy the changes this subliminal cd will offer. Achieve Positive Thinking faster then hypnosis. Subliminal self help was created with you in mind. Play it often to accomplish a new, positive attitude. NLP, brainwave generator and ultra-silent technologies.

Sample Affirmations :

I am happy. I love myself. I am a good person. I like spending time with myself. I work towards my happiness. I respect myself. My feelings are healthy. My life is important. Life is great. I experience joy every day. I am happy with the world. I see life in a beautiful light. Wealth is pouring in to my life. Happiness is all around me. I have a great life. I have achieved success. I am positive and optimistic.Good thoughts are coming in to my mind all the time. I smile when I get challenged. I see always positive things coming my way. I am a positive thinker. I am optimistic and happy.

Music Subliminal CDs includes minimum 2 tracks with music and one track approximately 10-12 minutes Silent subliminal (bonus).

CDs with Nature Sound
includes one track Nature and Subliminal between 50-60 minutes and one track Silent subliminal 10-12 minutes.

CDs completely Silent
have one track between 58 minutes and 70 minutes.

CD with Music
: The affirmations and suggestions are "buried" in the Music and Ocean Waves Sound; all you hear is The Music and Ocean Waves. Final Track Silent, can be used anywhere. There is not sound to be heard by conscious mind.

CD with Nature Sound: The affirmations and suggestions are "buried" in the Ocean Waves Sound; all you hear is The Ocean Waves and the Nature Sound. Final Track Silent, can be used anywhere. There is not sound to be heard by conscious mind.

CD Silent: One single track with subliminal and without music or Ocean Waves.

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