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Minors are prohibited to use a credit card- and if they do it- is their guardian responsibility for the use of any form of payment. Since we do not handle our customers in person Sprudio should never be held accountable for any actions of a minor.

Medical Disclaimer

All our product are intended to be used for entertainment only and not as a replacement of your therapy. We are not responsible for any problems you may or may not encounter after using subliminal. If you are suffering from a illness please contact your medical doctor. Do not listen to our subliminal especially Ocean Waves while driving, or operating heavy machinery, taking care of a baby or doing anything that require full awareness. Our albums are not a magic pill for weight loss or to quit smoking , become successful or develop photographic memory. You also need to exercise your willpower and accept your changes. Results vary from person to person, and experiences also vary between one album to another. Subliminal audio is a subjective experience.


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All our testimonials are genuine and weren’t influenced by gifts or promotions. We are not giving free products or promotions for testimonials. We are not posting feedback without the sender knowledge. All our feedback is genuine and represents the experience of our customer.
This doesn’t imply that the same product will work for you too. Please remember the modern medicine can not cure almost any ailment, all they are doing is manage the symptoms.  Do not expect that subliminal will be a magic cure. It always depends on the individual, how willing each person is to change or how serious they take the changes.

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The only information we store is what we require for record keeping, such as billing and shipping address as well as purchased product details.

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Acknowledgment of Ownership. All the information and the content - affirmations, descriptions are ownership of Sprudio.net Sprudio is not at fault if downloading any product from our website results in damage to your computer. We are not liable for any inflictions, injury or damage to your health since our products are EDUCATIONAL only and do not imply any medical benefits. Sprudio doesn't collect any information other then your name and your e-mail address without your consent. Our Merchant Processor regarding your Payment with Credit Cards is PayPal. If any information from this website infringe someone property rights please contact us and we will remove it. Our website was build before everyone on the entire world decided to claim property rights for one phrase or expression. It is unintentional if we are using or had using your expression, title phrase, quote without your consent. We will also appreciate if you are not using our content in any way shape or form.

100% Money Back Guarantee.

Our Products come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Use our Subliminal CDs risk free for a full 45 days. If it is not helpful to you we will refund your money less the shipping charges.
Return your CD in good condition, with the original invoice. You do not need to contact us to get a RMA, and we do not charge restocking fees.
For damaged Cd (during shipping) please contact us in 3 days after receiving your CD, we will exchange the CD and you do not need to ship it back to us.

We refund money for only ONE MP3. If you want to try our product buy one and if after 30 days you are not satisfied we will refund your money back. If you buy more then ONE mp3 we will not refund your money. We consider that you wanted to take advantage of our product for free. No mp3 refunds are allowed if you buy more then once from our website (called returning customer) you have to justify why you made the second purchase if you were unhappy with first.

Refunds are not available for customized subliminal MP3s or CDs.


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