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Sometimes we're asked who we are and why should we be trusted in regard to what we're 'whispering in your ear' or if we're qualified, certified and authorized to meddle in a person's subconscious mind. Unlike other web sites that sell self help we tell the world who we are, where we live and how we can be contacted.

Rest assured that our agenda includes nothing but success and positive progress for our customers. Our very survival in this particular market depends on our quality and integrity! As our product diversity expands, we fully intend to maintain our 100% Positive Feedback rating on Amazon and excellent response from customers here on the main site. Apparently our unique sound and quality are being increasingly well received -as we have labored for- by more and more repeat customers. We could post a stack of testimonials, but choose to respect the intelligence of our readers instead.

We're more the type to rescue a cat or dog, mouse, bird, human or reptile than to orchestrate a global brainwashing conspiracy. You see enough rampant dysfunctionality in society today that we don't foresee a shortage of self-helpers this century, so in effect there is no need for any tricks on our part- nor would we gain any sense of accomplishment from such intentions. By producing high quality self-help audio at extremely affordable prices (via low overhead) we are achieving our two main goals of helping others in a positive way and being successful in our own right. Plus- we use our combined technical skills in conjunction with our education and philosophy (the power of positive thinking) most effectively when they are all essential components of every product.

As an owner/operator couple, we bring a combined fifty-plus years of professional, technical, educational and life experience to the table. Elena, the family accountant/technician/gardener is also expert in tarot readings, spirituality and Information Technology! And the versatility only begins there! As a local bonded notary signing agent, Elena values her spotless record as she fearlessly forges ahead into new horizons such as US citizenship and constant learning about English, other languages, history, advanced web design and even politics! Whoever said Romanians were smart, in my experience it has been an understatement. Here is a lady who does statistics for fun and willingly gets right into any problem full steam ahead using top-notch ethics and determination. Before finalizing any subliminal content, in the beginning, Elena took courses and read many books and even became a certified hypnotist in order to understand as much as possible about workings of the unconscious. I was the guilty one, introducing this hungry-for-information human sponge to subliminal recordings. I dug up an old subliminal cassette and introduced my wife to other forms of available self help, as well (being ever-fascinated with success and achievement stories). After virtually hundreds of hours of research and refining, we (well, mostly she) developed a unique combination of technologies and sound that really 'clicked' when it was right. As for my part, I don't have a degree in psychology either -my first career was in a large, high-tech industry where I learned about Quality Engineering, Systems Engineering and Business Management along with scores of computer programs and tracked disciplines. I did, however, focus on psychology for a time and have completed dozens of related courses in college studies.

I held DOD Secret clearance for many years with no incidents and I'm also a bonded signing agent like Elena so we're definitely not internet predators. In fact, we're victims! Everyone has to pay for what the unscrupulous do. Consequently, the reputation of subliminal anything will always raise an eyebrow or two and make people doubt our credibility. I choose to remain true to form and be optimistic in this area because the cream always rises to the top. May everyone rise in life using any appropriate tool they can find. I believe every time any person makes a firm decision to improve or succeed, everyone gains. Heck, even if they're just not doing bad things any more, I'm happy. So that's us, we're real and we live in Southern California.

- Dave Asprooth (Sproo)
Sprudio Subliminal
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Our Promise to you:

We promise the best customer service. Before you buy, try contacting us. A company that doesn't answer questions before you buy their product will not answer at all after they take your money. If there is a thing we don't like after spammers, it is bad customer service. You will receive an answer from a real person; we have repeat customers that are more than customers now, they are our friends . Please do not send us links to web sites that have adult content, we will not answer to such e-mails. Thank you!
Self-Hypnosis audio is not for everyone. This is why we specialize in:
About our CDs and their Content
Our Cds are our creation and we are here for long time; every company uses their own wording, some use the affirmation "You will be good" (future, referring at a second person): we consider this wrong. We use "I am good, I use moderation, I feel great, I appreciate my health, etc." -- this is present tense, it's a powerful affirmation and subliminal and SELF help. So, these words will be received by me the listener -not by somebody named “you”. We do now include a significant excerpt of the verbiage on the back cover of each disc as well.
We give a sample of our affirmations, on each subliminal MP3, or CD.
The more repetitive the better for subconscious. If the mom told the kid, you are smart 200 times in one year he believes that he is smart If she tells him only once, then he might forget how smart he is.
From our study and others, knowing what subliminal affirmations are contained in the audio does not give you any gain; contrary, your subconscious can create a barrier and because it's stubborn it could say "I know what you're saying and I don't want to do this." You will find different opinions from various sellers. Each producer has its own technique, yet we believe in ours.
Subliminal CDs
Each subliminal audio CD is crafted in the Sprudio (Studio) with care, using unique music, quality calming sounds and subliminal content. Every CD is checked for quality and errors.
Continuous commitment to improvement has resulted in a comprehensive set of audio self-help CDs that can be used by professionals in the psychology sector. We use the best audio available on the market today. We want our customers to understand exactly how to get the best results, so extra material is included with every order.
We believe that there is no proof that hundreds or even thousands of stacked messages can be understood and accepted by the unconscious; in fact, the subconscious could very well reject such input. Conditioning of an entire lifetime cannot be permanently changed in a few days, or in a few weeks. Positive programming takes time. Normally, benefits will begin to be felt after a couple of weeks.

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