Subliminal Cds for Relaxation

Self-help audio is only one tool to use in this endeavor: the fight to be a successful, healthy, happy human on this mysterious ball of confusion (called Earth).

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Develop Relaxation Skills

Aura Viewing Subliminal CDAffirmations :I am letting go of tension and pressures. I feel better and better every day. I am calm and relaxed. I am totally allowing my body to relax. My body is relaxed. I can easily relax. I feel calm and peaceful, taking a break from the physical world. My mind is relaxed. I breathe deeply. I imagine myself in a great place. I feel myself floating. I am tranquil. I am taking deep, rhythmic breaths. I now release any negative energy. I let go of all tensions. My body is relaxing. I relax my arms and legs. I am entering an even more calm state. Only positive energy remains. I can relax at will.


Meditation and Relaxation

Learn Spanish CD Affirmations :It is time to relax and meditate. I am clearing my mind and body of all stress and tension. Only this moment exists. I am intentionally letting my feet and legs relax. My body is relaxed. I am calm but alert. I am relaxing my arms, shoulders and neck. I am more and more relaxed with every passing moment. I can think about nothingness. I am letting go of my thoughts. My consciousness is floating as I feel nothingness and calm. I meditate every day. I can totally relax when I so choose. I choose to relax now in this moment. I can feel waves of relief spreading through my body and mind. Now I am totally relaxed. I am in control and peaceful.


Rain or Ocean Waves CD

Learning Any Language Easily CDAffirmations :I can easily learn a new language. I concentrate easily. Learning a foreign language is easy for me. I think about the roots of words. Learning a foreign language comes easily to me. I have a natural ability to assimilate foreign languages. I can easily remember new information. I make translations in my mind. I find my foreign words easily. I will speak fluently. I learn to think differently. I am good at learning foreign languages. My brain understands how foreign languages should be learned. When I hear a new language I realize how I can learn it.


We invite you to browse through our library and choose the best subliminal CD for you. If you'd like something unique, tailored for your own specific needs, we have a custom subliminal offer. You write your own words, with positive affirmations using first person, and we will mix and record for you in a few hours. You can choose ocean, music or silent background. Silent subliminal doesn't mean silent, per se, but is the original subliminal recording, created using alpha waves, and can be used anytime, anywhere. And the price is GREAT!

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