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Sports Subliminal Messages will help you improve your sporting skills. Each subliminal is crafted for a specific skill.

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Bowling- Improve your Bowling Performance CD

Bowling- Improve your Bowling Performance CDAffirmations :I love to practice bowling. I bowl with confidence. When I bowl my mind thinks positive thoughts. My push-away is straight at mark. The weight of the ball is on my support hand during push-away. I drop the ball into the swing using gravity. My arm is locked at push-away and during my backswing and follow-through. My backswing is straight and free. My follow-through is long and extended. I am balanced during my approach and delivery. My brain gives me great balance. I finish with my weight on my SLIDE foot. I keep my eyes on my target until my ball crosses it. My follow-through is straight at mark. I always concentrate on rolling the ball over my mark. I have a good flat spot. When I see the arrows and feel my fingers in the ball I get in the zone. When I say, or think, strike, strike, strike, perfect strike I get in the zone. My nose is behind my slide knee at the finish. I always see the line in my mind when I bowl.

Athletic Performance Enhancement CD

Dealing with Co dependencyAffirmations :I train every day. I always push myself to be better. I excel in everything I do. I am focused on my goal. I am relaxed mentally while my body works at full potential. I always reach my goal. I accept challenges. My body is in tune with my mind, I feel full of vitality. I have stamina and endurance. I know I can. I am the best in what I do. I am always motivated. I think positively. I am a winner. I am a star. I perform always at my full capacity. I take my training seriously. I am dedicated, positive and focused. I am successful.

Better Golfer, Better Game CD

Better Golfer, Better Game CDAffirmations :I ignore external distractions. I focus on each shot as it happens. I remain calm. I am not in a hurry. I use leverage and physics in all of my shots. While putting, I am relaxed and can concentrate on the line and distance. I am relaxed. I will be appropriately relaxed during every golf shot. I will be relaxed and be able to concentrate fully upon the shot at hand. I can always focus effectively and block distractions. I can easily ignore external events in golf. All I care about is each shot as required. I can perform the shot. I can get on the green. I can chip close to the pin. I can and will putt effectively. Golf is easy. I ignore everything but the target. I concentrate and aim at the target of each shot with total confidence. I know my capabilities and stay within them. I can pop the ball into the fairway and then onto the green. I ignore hazards.

Body Building CD

Body Building CDAffirmations :Working out is satisfying and fun. I like the feeling of exhilaration I get from exercise. I exercise the natural way for long term gain. I can push myself to new levels on my own. Music helps me get into a zone and continue working out. I love the zone I am in while working out. I like to eat fruit and vegetables along with my protein. Working out is great. Exercise is very satisfying. I will continue to work out and gain from exercise. I can achieve my physical goals through exercise and work. I like hard physical work and the feeling it gives me. Music helps me to maintain a high level of energy. I am deep in meditation when I work out.

Improve your Baseball Skills CD

Improve your Baseball Skills CDAffirmations :Baseball is fun to play. I love playing baseball. I am a team player. I focus on the ball. I ignore distraction. I am always aware of the situation on the field. I am anticipating my next move. I am a hitter; I keep my eyes on the ball. My eyes never leave the ball. I like practicing. I learn from practicing. I hit the ball consistently. I keep calm and peaceful I catch play ball. My palm is powerful. I am anticipating what the next play is. I am a perfect catcher. I move with amazing speed. I always play at my best. I play well every time. I am a great pitcher. My arms are strong and I have accuracy. I am clam and relaxed. I keep my temper. I ignore external distractions. I focus on each shot as it happens. I remain calm. I am not in a hurry. I use leverage and physics in all of my shots. I use critical thinking. I have natural baseball skills. I score runs by hitting the thrown ball with my bat. I am touching my next base, My pitching is accurate. I stop the rival team to score. My aim is accurate.

Improve Your Chess Game CD

Improve Your Chess GameAffirmations :I love playing Chess. I can play chess for many hours. I like to read about chess and the old masters from history and their styles. I am curious enough about chess to want to know as much as I can about the game. I improve at Chess every week. I play a lot and I read about chess and I get better at chess all the time. I challenge myself at the highest level possible. I can think many moves ahead. My strategies are flexible. I find the strategy of my opponent by studying the board. I see what my opponent is doing. I look for traps until they show themselves to me. I devise clever traps in chess. My traps are hidden and effective. I play defense and offense at the same time. My best defense is a severe offense. I see the board clearly. I can see my opponent’s next moves clearly. My thinking is focused and direct. I can plan for many scenarios and keep them straight in my mind. Chess is exhilarating. I often work on my quest to become the best chess player I can be. Chess is exciting.

Improve your Football Skills CD

Improve your Football Skills CDAffirmations :I play football with passion. My football skills are great, I improve my football skills every day. I pay attention when training. I learn from pro. I have excellent balance. My mind is alert my body is in tune. I have speed. My reflexes are sharp. I feel the ball when I have my back turned. I am receptive. I am eager. I am relaxed but aware. I have potential. I memorize my game. I study easily for each game. I defeat my competitors. I always perceive the enemy moves. I catch the ball with precision. I calculate distances. I am focused on my game. I ignore distractions while playing. I have a healthy life stile. My coaches appreciate my efforts. I am a great player.

Improve your Skating Skills CD

Improve your Skating SkillsAffirmations :I am a natural figure skater. I have a lot of natural figure skating talent. I am always highly motivated. I have a high level of natural drive and motivation. I have solid discipline. I am one hundred percent dedicated to ice skating. I am fully committed to ice skating training. I am fully committed to ice skating practice. I am dedicated to my training. I am dedicated to my practice. I can easily practice on my own. I look forward to ice skating practice and training. I always show respect to my coach. I enjoy solo ice skating. I love solo ice skating. I enjoy pairs ice skating. I love pairs ice skating. I believe I can do anything. I am determined to train to my limits. I am more motivated than ever to my ice skating. I work hard when I am on the ice. I am improving all the time. My jumps are high. My jumps are excellent. I land jumps consistently. My spins are fast. My spins are excellent. My field moves are excellent. I can easily remember field moves.

Improve your Tennis Skills CD

Improve your Tennis Skills CDAffirmations :I keep my eyes on the ball. I am in excellent shape. I have control over the tennis ball. My return is clean and precise. I am confident when I am playing tennis. My swing is accurate. I am relaxed. I calculate distance. I am wining always. I am a great tennis player I play tennis easy. I always know to shot perfect balls. I make every tennis shot perfectly I see the tennis ball early. My tennis skills are improving. I have great co-ordination. I know what I have to do to play better. Great tennis comes easily to me. I always anticipate my opponent's shots. I serve with power and precision.

Increase Your Skills in Any Sport CD

Increase Your Skills in Any Sport CDAffirmations :Winning makes me feel good. I can focus on my objective. My movements are deliberate. I can ignore distractions. I like to practice fundamentals. I remember to be focused on the fundamentals of my sport. I feel good while engaged in my favorite sports. I like to focus and perform. I get satisfaction from performing well. I like to win. I am capable of winning and I deserve to win. I deserve to win because I am confident and I practice the fundamentals. I am good at my sport and I excel at it. I trust myself to perform. I am in control of myself. I am coordinated and positive. I can win because I am good at sports. I deserve to win because I work hard and focus. Winning makes me feel good. I know what I am doing because I practice. I enjoy my sport greatly. I think about my sport. I visualize myself winning. I can see myself winning and I deserve to win. I am a winner. I trust my skills because I work at the fundamentals. I can easily concentrate on my performance. It feels good to win.

Yoga Aid - Improve Yoga Subliminal CD

Improve your Tennis Skills CDAffirmations :I am quiet, I listen to the sounds of life. I focus on breathing in as I inhale. I focus on breathing out as I exhale. I am aware of the moment, aware of the feelings of coolness or heat on my skin. I am in contact with the earth. I am quiet. I am quiet and attentive to feelings and sensations. I can hear new levels of sound as I go deeper into myself.



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