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Succes and wealth can be achieved using Sprudio subliminal Cds.

Success in business and Life. Our subliminal are not an instant cure- or a magic pills. Subliminal is used in all area of life.

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Become a Good Salesperson CD

Become a Good Salesperson CDAffirmations :I like people. Everyone I meet is unique. I feel good about myself, I am relaxed and pleasant. My smile is genuine. I believe in my product. I know that I can sell more. I am on a mission to become the best seller I can be. I am encouraged every time I play this recording. I feel confident and clear. I am ready to perform. Each rejection brings me closer to success. I always look my best and I am at the top of my game. I look for and find opportunities to sell. I always remain positive. I am an extremely positive person because I create my own good fortune. I like to sell to people. I am friendly and interesting

Become Assertive CD

Become Assertive CDAffirmations :I am free to express myself. I am calm and in control, and I insist on standing up for myself. I am becoming more assertive because I deserve to defend myself. I am comfortable expressing my feelings and beliefs. My input is needed. I can share my thoughts with anyone I choose. I respect the boundaries of others, and they must respect my wishes. I feel better and more assertive every time I play this recording. I am becoming stronger. My will is expanding and I like being assertive. My input matters. I am growing more confident every day.

Career Advancement CD

Career Advancement CDAffirmations :I can logically plan for success. I deserve career advancement. I am punctual and prepared. I am following my plan. I am confident. I can advance to each new level with great confidence. I am motivated and dedicated to succeed. I am positive and competent. I care about quality and accuracy. I am becoming the best at what I do so I can move up. I am prepared and confident. I like to be relaxed and alert. I always evaluate and adjust my plan according to new information. I like to analyze my plan. Each stage of my plan brings me closer to my goals. I can achieve my goals because I am persistent. I can rise to meet opportunities in my career. I am prepared because my plan is improving. I am confident. I like my job and will master it, then advance.

Creative Visualization CD

Creative Visualization CDAffirmations :I like to visualize future events and be prepared. I like to consider likely scenarios. I enjoy being creative in a positive way. I can envision myself succeeding and my plans successful. I see the future when I am successful and happy. I see the details of my plan clearly. I break my plan down into manageable steps. I create my future with planning and forethought. I can see and know my future self. I am successful, healthy and happy. I am one step ahead because of outward thinking. I consider all possibilities. I always step back and look at the big picture from a variety of perspectives. I am aware and ready for change. Everything I need is already within me. Every small accomplishment means I am closer to my ultimate vision. Accomplishments make me feel good. I practice visualizing every day. Visualizing my future excites me.

Develop Creativity CD

Develop Creativity CDAffirmations :My imagination is growing. I can see more and more possibilities for every situation. I am creative and confident. I am committed to creativity. My mind is always working. I am versatile and imaginative. I am original. I like to create original material and solve all problems with my thinking. I can always find a new, effective solution by analyzing and then applying creativity. I always examine all options. I can clearly see the many options always. I am open to alternatives. I have an open mind. I am relaxed and confident. I am unique and original.

Effective Leadership Development CD

Effective Leadership Development CDAffirmations :I like to inspire others to excel. I have leadership qualities, and I lead by example. People value my input because they can sense my confidence. I am focused and informed. I always have plenty of energy to devote to my projects. I am motivated to succeed. My team values my skill and insight. I like to lead and get results. I accept responsibility as a leader. I think clearly and effectively to organize tasks. I am good at delegating actions to my team. I can evaluate effectively. It feels good to lead. I like bringing out the best in people. I plan ahead with the big picture in mind. I can see the bigger perspective of my decisions. I always make careful, solid

Financial Abundance CD

Financial Abundance CDAffirmations :I am attracting abundance in my life. I am financially independent. I am confident and strong. I am creating my future. I am creating an abundant future. Abundance is good. I am continually creating conditions for financial success and abundance. I make solid decisions with my future in mind. My habit is to always examine my financial choices. Financial abundance comes easily to me. I create wealth. I attract wealth. I am attracting abundance in my life. I see a financial opportunity always. I profit of financial opportunities. I make money easily. I am a wealth magnet. I manage my wealth well. Financial success makes me stronger. I see opportunities that others miss.

Get out of Debt Now CD

Get out of Debt Now CDAffirmations :I am committed to be debt free and saving. I am paying off my bills. I can spend less than I make and save the rest. I know my saving will pay off. I can easily see myself free and saving. I am more and more disciplined so I can be free. I will soon be free and my account will grow. I am careful and smart with money. I make solid decisions about money. I want to keep my money and use it to make more money. I am a saver. I am happy with what I have. I like to read about money. I am learning about money and how it works. I am changing my money habits. It feels good to have a new plan and save.

Influence Friends and Co-Workers CDr

Influence Friends and Co-Workers CDAffirmations :I am always prepared. I think clearly and communicate my ideas effectively. I see the bigger picture clearly. I am relaxed and persuasive. I am convincing because I feel strongly about my beliefs and thoughts. Others can easily see my points. I use descriptive and convincing language. I consider all points of view. I think critically and with clarity. I always examine my own thought processes and opinions. I make good, solid decisions using critical thinking. I am on a mission to communicate effectively. I am influential. People can see that I am comfortable and happy. I am logical and persuasive.

Marketing Sales Success Subliminal CD

Marketing Sales Success Subliminal CDAffirmations :I am focused on time management and success. I can consider all people my customers. I like people because everyone is unique. I offer everyone an alternative that they prefer. I can convince people of what I believe, because I believe strongly. I believe in my product. I like promoting my products. I like helping people. Sales equals happiness. Sales is fun and fulfilling. I love to market and sell to people. I like to create networks. I love people and I love to connect with them. I like to please my customers. I am proud of what I am doing. I am in tune with my growing marketing mentality. I love to sell, I like to advertise, and I like to be appreciated. I pay attention to details. I pay attention to demands. I have a strong marketing personality.

Millionaire Mind Program CD

Millionaire Mind Program CDAffirmations :I am becoming more and more attuned to financial information. I am on a mission to learn everything about money and how it works. I make solid financial decisions. I can easily sacrifice for a period in order to attain my goals. I always adjust my plan with new information. I process more and more data every day. I have plenty of energy because I am excited to be working my plan. I make notes about my plan every day. I am organized and relaxed. I am prepared and eager for more information. I study and search for answers every day. I am determined to succeed because I deserve success. I am a good person with good sense. I am on a quest to expand my plan into reality because it will fit perfectly. My plan makes me successful and wealthy. I am excited to be in this market. I have advantages because I create advantages myself with my critical thinking. I create my own good luck because I am prepared.

Motivation- End Procrastination CD

Motivation- End Procrastination CDAffirmations :I am cleaning everything and becoming organized. I have a plan to succeed so I will do all of my tasks and chores now. I am on a quest to be finished with all of my current projects. Every day I get closer to my goals. I make progress easily. I can focus and get a lot of work done quickly. I know how to finish. I always finish what I start and move forward with my plan. I like everything neat and organized. I have plenty of energy when I am motivated like this. I can easily take care of small jobs quickly. I am on this extreme mission to quickly become caught up and organized. When there is a task to be done, I take care of it quickly.

Networking Success CD

Networking Success CDAffirmations :I am extremely motivated to develop my network of people. I work to build my network and stay in contact with everyone as appropriate. I am organized. I am energized and interested in helping people. I help people first. I understand that giving pays off in networking. I remember names easily. I associate everyone’s name with a fact about them. I remember a name the first time I hear it. I take notes and keep a journal to stay organized. I enjoy introducing people. I am good at connecting people. I am dynamic, open, honest and motivated. I inspire trust. I can be assertive when necessary. I am confident and friendly. I am building and maintaining my own unique network. I extend beyond my industry and think creatively in building my network. I like to read about networking and look for new ways to add connections in my network.

Positive Thinking CD

SPositive Thinking CDAffirmations :I think always positive. I have an optimistic view about life. Positive thinking creates good results for me. I am happier every day from my positive attitude. I can see myself being positive. I admire the positive and the strong and confident. Optimism is my way because I am in control. I am relaxed as I deliberately decide to be positive. I expect good things. I see a happy future as it materializes. The best way to think is always with optimism. My mission is to always be positive and attract positive things for comfort. It is exciting to be positive. I become more energized and positive. I have joy living my life. I find joy and happiness in everything around me.

Selling Yourself to Others CD

Selling Yourself to Others CDAffirmations :I am good at selling myself to people. I can see myself effectively gaining everyone’s trust and confidence. I look for my strengths and use them. I deserve success and people like me. I am good at finding out what people need and want. I like people because everyone is unique and interesting. I value input from people. I attract positive people and I am a positive person. I am energized and motivated to present my qualities as needed. I am extremely friendly and logical. I am prepared because I plan ahead with energy. I am careful to always look and act my best. I take good care of myself and it shows. I am a good listener. I have patience to listen to people and I try to see their points of view. I feel more and more relaxed and confident. I deserve success.

Success and Prosperity CD

Success and Prosperity CDAffirmations :I deserve to win in life. I am confident and ambitious. I make good, careful, solid decisions. I am on a quest to be successful because I know I can. I am relaxed, confident and calm because I can visualize my own success clearly. All of my actions are consistent with prosperity. I save and plan. I associate with success. My dream is to be prosperous and I can easily keep my vision always. I am always analyzing. I like to read about money and how it works. I am learning about finance and wealth. I am curious about money and I must know about managing money. I feel more confident every time I play this recording. I will soon be successful because I do all of the right things to become wealthy and stay wealthy.

Successful Entrepreneur CD

Successful Entrepreneur CDAffirmations :My ideas are solid. I can see my independent self. I am extremely motivated to start my business. I am convinced that I will succeed. I have a burning desire to beat the competition. My business will be successful. My financial dreams will come true. I am motivated to achieve my goal. I am a doer. My business plan is strong. I evaluate my plan all the time. I can change details to reflect new information. I can succeed in any type of economy. I deserve to win. Money is attracted to me. I am more motivated than ever to start and follow through with my business. I will achieve financial freedom. I am ignoring people that slow me down. I have strong entrepreneur qualities.

Teamwork Success CD

Teamwork Success CDAffirmations :I am a team player. Everything I do is in line with our team’s objectives. Our team deserves success. We are competitive and efficient. I am dedicated to the team. I am motivated as a team player. Teamwork is critical. We work together as a unit to reach our goals. I am organized and punctual. My team appreciates me and my role on the team. Together we can succeed. My team is like family to me. I am loyal to my team. We all contribute to win. I am an asset to the team. I care greatly about my team and its success. My mission is the team’s mission. I enjoy working on teams. Sharing is extremely rewarding.

Time Management CD

Time Management CDAffirmations :I like to plan ahead and be organized. I feel more confident when I am in control of my time. I plan ahead in order to have more time for myself. I am always punctual. Being on time is important to me. I plan ahead and then follow my plan. I am flexible but organized. I stay current with my obligations and plans. I plan to be on time with my projects. I manage my time effectively. I am good at time management because of my journal and planning. I record my appointments and plans. I am keeping a journal to stay organized and caught up at all times. I am on top of my schedule. I am relaxed and in control because I am now organized. It feels great to be organized.

We invite you to browse through our library and choose the best subliminal CD for you. If you'd like something unique, tailored for your own specific needs, we have a custom subliminal offer. You write your own words, with positive affirmations using first person, and we will mix and record for you in a few hours. You can choose ocean, music or silent background. Silent subliminal doesn't mean silent, per se, but is the original subliminal recording, created using alpha waves, and can be used anytime, anywhere. And the price is GREAT!

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